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Every since I was a wee lad, I’ve loved art. You see, my dad is a sculptor. For most of my life, I got to see how he approached the creative process, the applause when something worked, the excitement of having a sculpture cast in bronze, go through the process of patination and ultimately delivered to the gallery. Of course, with all this, the struggles of marketing and selling his work. Eventually, this played a massive role in the realization, and passion for proving, that creative aesthetic alone does not sell a product. Instead, the delicate balance of design, understanding the buyer, well thought out strategy and consistent execution creates the most significant impact and results possible. Executing any one of these independently and in a silo only leads to leaving opportunity on the table.

For over 20 years, intending to fulfill this balance in the best ways possible, I have fulfilled the role of creative director, business strategist, and experience designer for a wide array of agencies and brands. In each of these experiences, I have used them to hone the balance between the creative process and a brand’s business objectives. By keeping the overall buyer experience at the center of this balance, I’ve used it to elevate brand adoption, marketing and sales, and the user experience.

Today my work is driven by a passion for the human-centered design philosophy. In turn, this informs my decision-making process in brand design, strategic planning, the capture and analysis of results data, and marketing iteration, all working together to evolve and find what works best for each business and their audience.

Since '97

  • UX/UI Design, Strategy, and Brand Development at Josh Cole Creative
  • Founder of Royal 9 Brand and Geekly Edition
  • Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Artistry in Games – Sold in 2013
  • UX Director at GS&F
  • Creative Director at ST8MNT Brand Agency
  • Design Director at Andculture
  • Adjunct Instructor, Visual Arts at Messiah College
  • Creative Director at Redpepper
  • Associate Creative Director at BOHAN
  • Design Director at Paramore
  • Founder of Cora Syndicate Digital Agency, Sold in 2008
  • Founder of Pinebox Creative, Sold in 2006

Since '97

Every week without fail, at some random time, my wife will holler, “I love my family.” My son and I love it. Whenever she says it, we yell it back. It’s one of those moments that reminds me of how important my family is to me. After all, they and my faith are my “why.” It’s what gets me up in the morning and keeps me going strong.

Oh, and that last photo in the bottom right? We just found out we’re expecting. Adding one more to the family and couldn’t be more thrilled.

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