No buzzwords and no bullsh*t—
authenticity and action matter.

The most significant threats to your business, brand, and product are inaction and replication. Authenticity, creativity, and wonder, along with a healthy dose of perseverance, cut through the noise and bring attention to your brand.​

Josh Cole

Experience Designer
Creative Strategist
Brand Dev Coach

What is this brand sorcery you speak of? Otherwise stated as, "what do you do and why do I need it?"

Let’s start with experience design because after all, I believe it to be the single most important thing a brand should focus on in lockstep with its business objectives. Experience design can often sound very ambiguous, but the most straightforward way I prefer to define it is this; planning and setting look and functionality with the customer at the center of decision making all while balancing this with your business objectives.

This balance often requires creative thinking and the identification of unique approaches, which in turn requires creative strategy. By tapping into this, we can better identify and deliver your customer’s needs and desires and ultimately cut through the noise of today’s marketing. This combination is sure to fan the flame of adoration and adoption.

All this leads to the satisfying and freedom-building goal of building an authentic brand you are passionate about, and your audience loves. Doing this while working in a silo can be overwhelming at times. We can get caught up in asking ourselves “What is the best area to spend my time?”, “When should I hire someone else instead of doing it myself?” “How do I keep this pace up?” “How can I get the best bang for my budget?” “What is the right timing to take this action?” etc. These are all reasonable questions. Questions that can, at times, paralyze us from taking action. And at this point is where brand development coaching is critical. The most important thing I’ve learned in building my business and lifestyle? There is no need to do it alone when you can have a coach to help you through and bring resources to the table to which you may not otherwise have access.

The Back Story

About Josh

For over 20 years, I have worked in the creative, advertising, and product development industry. Starting as a designer, I eventually worked my way through to art director, creative director, and UX director. During this journey, I built and sold one design firm and one digital marketing agency. All this taught me many things, but the first-and-foremost being the power of balance between creative, audience, and business objectives. I have used this learning to identify failure fast and build multiple successful businesses selling products on platforms like Shopify and Amazon. Through this, I have found creative freedom and the lifestyle I wanted for my family.

Great, so what's the bottom line?

Creating a fantastic product, refining brand experience, elevating creative, amplifying brand voice, growing a fanbase, marketing analysis, or increasing sales, it’s all tied together. To work on one without consideration for the other is a detrimental mistake made by brands daily.

So, how do I win at this?

Successful results happen when creative thinking meets authentic brand experience and engaging storytelling meets solid business objectives, and together, they serve as a lens to support your overall business objectives. Working together, we’ll put this thinking into action to create the influence and results needed to stand out. 

Whether you need fresh ideas and perspective, a process and plan to implement them, or a partner to help in making use of a laser-targeted budget, I can help. Partnering with brands when they need help to spark and fuel the fire of admiration, adoption, and action in new and creative ways is what I do.

Have questions about your brand and its future? How to crank up the volume of your brand voice and create the best possible user experience? Give me a shout and let’s talk.

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